The Shires of Luscombe

"Famous bloodlines, years of experience, and a passion for the breed."

The Shires of Luscombe was established in early 1992 after a search of more than 10 years for shire horses available for sale in Australia. Coming from a horse orientated background this was my life dream, to own one of these majestic horses. I am now the proud owner of 8 purebred Shires, and have bred many during the past 10 years.

The Shire Horses being bred by The Shires of Luscombe, just north of Tamborine in Queensland are from very famous shire bloodlines. Our breeding mares are "Cedars Annabella" a black 18 hand mare. "Cedars Natasha" a brown 17 hand mare. Our Imported English Mares are "Aldreth Lady Jane" and "Middlecott Victoria". Jane is a bay with four white feet and stands 16.2 hands, while Victoria is grey and stands 19 hands.

Luscombe What's Wanted (Ted)
Our stallion is"Luscombe Whats Wanted", Ted for short. His dam, Middlecott Victoria was imported in foal with him in 1996. His sire is the black shire stallion Ruskington Harvester. Ted is the only grey shire stallion in Australia and stands 18 hands. He has sired many superb shire foals since he started standing at stud 2 years ago.

Ted is a lovely quiet horse who lives in the paddock like the mares do. He is treated like a 'normal' horse and has physical contact with the mares and foals on a daily basis. This, we believe, makes him happy and keeps him part of the herd. Of course not all stallions would be able to live this lifestyle due to their temperament.

Victoria & Annabella
"Annabella" and "Natasha" are both out of imported mares and by the imported shire Stallion "Ladbrook Edward", who stood 19 hands and was a winner of many titles and ribbons at the Sydney Royal. Now deceased "Ladbrook Edward" was imported as a nine month old colt from England. He was the first of the Shires to be reintroduced into Australia.

Their Grandsire "Ladbrook Aristocrat" was sold to the U.S.A. for a record price. Their Great Grandsire "Ladbrook Invader" was listed in the 1980 Guiness Book of Records as the Worlds tallest living horse standing 19.2 hands.

Jane's Foal
"Jane" was imported from England as a six month old foal in the mid eighties. She can trace her family tree back many generations. Her sire came from a stud that had been breeding shires for over 200 years.

"Victoria" was imported in foal from NZ in June 1996. She was born in England and transported to NZ in 1990. Victoria comes from a very old line of shires and has won at shows in England, NZ and Australia. She stands 19hands tall and is the only grey shire mare to be imported into Australia this Century. Victoria gave birth to her first colt foal "Luscombe What's Wanted" on 30th December 1996.

Our intention is to continue to breed quality shire horses as well as look at importing some more shires to assist with the breeding program here at Luscombe.

We remain the only Shire Stud in Australia who has horses of Black, Brown, Bay and Grey, which are the only acceptable colours for Shire horses. We are very proud of this, it took a quite a few years to achieve this. For a number of years The Shires of Luscombe was the largest breeder of Shires in Australia and continues to produce at least 3 Shire foals each year. As well as breeding purebred Shires, our stallion covers thoroughbred mares to produce heavy riding horses suitable for eventing and jumping.
We also offer fresh semen with chilled semen and frozen semen shipped anywhere in Australia and are currently in the process of obtaining semen for export.

Our mare Middlecott Victoria was the subject of a series of postcards, available in Japan in 1997. The Shires of Luscombe have also made numerous appearances on the TV program "Totally Wild", Local news and Good Morning Australia just to name a few. They have also been covered by national and international magazines and have been featured in many local newspapers. Each year we have Uni students visit the stud while they are touring the Brisbane Royal Show. They come as part of their equine studies.

The foals bred by The Shires of Luscombe have gone to Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We have bred Black, Brown, Bay and Grey foals, most of which are sold long before birth.

In the early days we were one of the few studs who actually worked their horses. They are broken in to harness and work, though these days the mares are used only for breeding.

We are only too happy to help anyone interested in obtaining a shire for work or pleasure. Please contact us via one of the above contact methods and we'd love to talk with you.

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