Photo: Lorelle Mercer.

"'Breeding Champions Since 1991"

At Ingleside Shire Horse Stud we are committed to breeding quality Shires that are friendly and quiet. We specialise in breeding black Shires, but our focus is on quality and temperament. Ingleside horses have excelled in the show ring over the past decade with outstanding results in breed classes, heavy harness and under saddle.

Photographed above: Ingleside Symphony:
Best Exhibit, Sydney Royal 2007

Photographed right: Ingleside Elizabeth Best Exhibit Sydney Royal 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005

Photo: Julie Wilson Equestrian Photography.

Photo: Julie Wilson Equestrian Photography.

Photographed right & above:
Oakridge Speculator
1st Place: Ridden Shire, Sydney 2007.

Rider: Ineke Kuiper.

'Oakridge Speculator'
Imported: UK. Reg. No. 47088. Foaled 2003

Our much loved stallion, Oakridge Speculator, is still growing and maturing but that didn't stop him from winning both the Ridden Shire Class and the Breaking in Gig Harness Class at Sydney Royal in 2007. He is a non-fading jet black with 4 white socks and silky feather. He comes from a long line of famous English Shire Horses. Our stallion's temperament is amazing, and he just loves people and attention.

We are thrilled with his foals and he is producing the quality, nature and size for which we were hoping. His progeny have already been successful in the show ring.

Photo: Julie Wilson Equestrian Photography.

All Ingleside foals are imprinted at birth and both the mares and foals are fed mineral and vitamin supplements. Our mares are kept in optimum condition all year round, with balanced diets to ensure maximum potential growth for the foals, both before and after birth. The babies are well handled, extremely friendly and well grown. All of our Shire Horses are DNA tested, vet sketched and registered with the Shire Horse Society in England, guaranteeing that you get what you pay for.

Our stud is a family business and we use our Shire Horses for harness, driving and riding, both at home and at Show. We expect our horses to be more than simply show animals; they are all part of the family. We ensure that their training, handling and temperament make them suitable to all applications, whether it be as a pet, a show horse or a pleasure horse for riding or driving. We also offer a professional horse education and training service to provide your horse with the level of training you require.

Photo: Lorelle Mercer.
We are situated 80kms south west of Sydney NSW, just outside of Picton. Our stud is only 10 minutes off the M5 motorway making it the closest Shire Horse Stud to the Sydney CBD. Enquiries and visitors are most welcome.

Please phone Korrie, Helen or Ineke Kuiper on 02 4681 8537 or use our on-line enquiry form .

Photographed left: Oakridge Speculator
1st Breaking in Gig Class, Sydney Royal 2007.

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