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Shire Horse Society

American Shire Horse Society

Heavy Horse World

The Clydesdale International/Shires Today

Draft Horse Jounal

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia

composite group
The Composite Group is an advisory organisation that specialises in the commercialisation of new technologies.

internet & telecommunications australia (ITA)
Web development, email management, and consulting services.

cedars cottages
Providing a variety of private bungalows in Kangaroo Valley's most beautiful setting.

nautors swan australia
The Australian and New Zealand agents for the magnificent Swan yachts.

najad yachts australia
The Australian and New Zealand agents for Najad ocean yachts.

Shires at the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand

Asterisk Horse-Collars & Harness

The Canadian Shire Horse Association

Shires at the Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University

oyster yachts australia
The Australian and New Zealand agents for Oyster ocean sailing yachts.

asterisk horse collars
Asterisk Horse-collars & Harness manufactures and repairs all types of collars and harness on the premises in the traditional Australian style.

legal access services
Providing easy and free access to the law for clients of major Australian and New Zealand organisations.

critical care education services
Providers of a range of proven and professional in-service courses for critical care professionals.

bennett commercial electronics
Providers of a range of commercial electronic products and services to both government and commercial businesses.