Conflict Essay Example On Fahrenheit 451

Everyone has major conflicts they go through in their lifetime. In the book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury is a story that the main character, Montag goes through many conflicts. He has an inner struggle as he goes to abandon his lifelong job of working as a fireman with burning books. Bradbury's book, "Fahrenheit 451", contains many conflicts that include, not getting along with Mildred, Montag tries to figure out what books are about and what these books contain, and why do firemen have to burn these books.
Mildred is Montag's wife, they do not get along and soon realize it. They are very distant and lack the love they need from each other. When Mildred tries to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, is when Montag realizes they are not happy or in love. "The small crystal bottle of sleeping tablets which earlier today had been filled with thirty capsules and which now lay uncapped and empty in the light of tiny flare" (Bradbury 13). She had taken all the pills to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. Mildred has a lot going on with trying to overdose and then she will tune everything and everyone out. In the book, Bradbury states that technology is advancing. With television now, Mildred is too distracted by the new technology and does not pay attention to anyone else around her. " "Will you turn the parlor off?" he asked. "That's my family" "Will you turn it off for a sick man?" " (Bradbury 48). Mildred is too focused on the television and not on her husband. When he tries to talk to her, she will refuse their conversations. Montag works as a firefighter, they are supposed to burn books, but he wants to know what books are really.
Montag is wondering what are books about and what do they contain? One of the trips the fireman had to make was at an old lady's house. She would not leave her books to burn so, she made the fireman set her along with her house on fire. "The woman knelt among the books, touching the drenched leather and cardboard, reading the guilt titles with her fingers while her eyes accused Montag. "You can't ever have my books," she said. "You know the law," said Beatty" (Bradbury 38). When you are passionate about something you do not want to leave it. She loves her books and was taking her life for them. The old lady got Montag wondering what is with books and why were they so important to her? Montag decided to steal one of her books to take it home and as a fireman he can not. Montag begins to think that books will tell him what is wrong with society. Three of Mildred's friends come over and Montag begins trying to tell them about books. Two of the lady's did not care, but Mrs. Phelps wanted to know more. "Why don't you just read us one of those poems from your little book". "Mrs. Phelps nodded." "I think that'd be interesting" (Bradbury 98). Montag believes the book will help everyone with the time of war happening all around. Fireman are supposed to burn everyone book, but once in their fireman life they are allowed to bring one book home and read it, then burn.
Montag does not understand why the firemen have to burn the books. Captain Beatty found Montag with one of the books, he would of gotten arrested, but Montag ended up killing Beatty to save himself from suffering. "Hand it over, Guy," "said Beatty with a fixed smile. And then he was a shrieking blaze, a jumping, sprawling gibbering mannikin, no longer human or known all writhing flame on the lawn as Montag shot one continuous pulse of liquid fire on him" (Bradbury 119). Montag had ended up killing Beatty so he could keep the book and figure out why. He decided he needs to run away, but then he ran into five old men on his path. Each of the men have kept a book in their mind for when the war is over then can retell and rewrite it. "When the war's over, perhaps we can be some use in the world." "Do you really think they'll listen then?" "If not, we'll just have to wait. We'll pass the books on to our children, by word of mouth, and let our children wait, in turn, on the other people" (Bradbury 153). These guys do not want to get rid of the books so they read them, then kept the words in their mind, to then later in the future tell the stories again. Books have made a huge impact on Montag during the time of the war.
The book "Fahrenheit 451" has many conflicts that Montag, the main character, goes through during his job of working as a fireman. Montags has conflicts that are between him and his wife, Mildred they do not get along, Montag wants to figure out what books are, and why does every fireman have to burn these books. What is something that you would sacrifice your life for?
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